Doctoral Dissertations - Chair 

Rania Al-Bawwab (MTSU, in progress). 

Emilia J. Suggs (MTSU, in progress). 

  • ​"Preference Identification and Political Participation in Alternative Voting Systems." 

Protik Nandy (MTSU, in progress). 

  • "Referendum and Their Impact on Minority Rights."

    Doctoral Dissertations - Committee Member 

    Bronwyn G. Graves (MTSU, in progress). 

    Labanyalata Roy (MTSU, in progress). 

    ​Inhwa Kim (MTSU, in progress). 

    Sona Kaarl Esona (MTSU, 2020). 

    • “Three Essays on Government Size, Corruption, Economic Growth, and Human Economic Development Indicators: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa and the CFA Franc Zone Countries”​Initial Placement: Associate Professor, Florida Gateway College

    M.A. Theses - Committee Member 
    Rania Al-Bawwab (Troy University, Spring 2017). 

    • “No Land, No Resources, But Growth? The Puzzling Prosperity of the Venetian Lagoon.”

    Undergraduate Theses - Chair

    Emily Caprio (University Honors College, MTSU, Spring 2021, in progress). 

    Matthew Downey (University Honors College, MTSU, Spring 2021, in progress). 

    Tuan Nguyen (University Honors College, MTSU, Spring 2021, in progress). 

    Christopher Cowherd (University Honors College, MTSU, Fall 2019). 

    • “On the Necessary Preconditions for a Just Social Order.”

    Samir Qattea (University Honors College, MTSU, Fall 2019). 

    Rachel Eccles (University Honors College, MTSU, Summer 2019). 

    Undergraduate Theses - Committee Member

    Hector Hernandez (University Honors College, MTSU, Fall 2020, in progress). 

    • “The Ideal Extent of Social Distancing to Preserve Economic Prosperity when Society is Marginalized”

    Nathan Wahl (University Honors College, MTSU, Spring 2020).