Doctoral Dissertations - Chair 

Bronwyn G. Graves (MTSU, in progress). 

  • Dissertation Title: "Women and Blue Collar Work: Exploring Factors of Women's Low Presence in Blue Collar Occupations and Industry”

Rania Al-Bawwab (MTSU, in progress). 

  • Dissertation Title: "Three Essays on Political Economy"
  • Internships: Central Bank of Malaysia’s International Shari'ah Research Academy (ISRA) for Islamic Finance in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Summer 2020 - canceled due to COVID-19)

Protik Nandy (MTSU, in progress). 

  • Dissertation Title: "Referendum and Their Impact on Minority Rights."
  • Internships: Knee Center for Occupational Licensing at St. Francis University (Spring 2021) & American Institute for Economic Research (Summer 2021)
  • Initial Placement: Cumberland University

Emilia J. Suggs (MTSU, Spring 2021). 

  • Dissertation Title: "Preference Identification and Political Participation in Alternative Voting Systems." 
  • Initial Placement: Assistant Professor, King University (Bristol, TN) 

Doctoral Dissertations - Committee Member 

Labanyalata Roy (MTSU, in progress). 

​Inhwa Kim (MTSU, 2021). 

  • "Three Essays on Behavioral Barriers for Financial Choices" 
  • Initial Placement: Visiting Assistant Professor, Sam Houston State University 

Sona Kaarl Esona (MTSU, 2020). 

  • Dissertation Title: “Three Essays on Government Size, Corruption, Economic Growth, and Human Economic Development Indicators: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa and the CFA Franc Zone Countries”
  • Initial Placement: Assistant Professor, Florida Gateway College​

M.A. Theses - Committee Member 
Rania Al-Bawwab (Troy University, Spring 2017). 

  • “No Land, No Resources, But Growth? The Puzzling Prosperity of the Venetian Lagoon.”
  • Ph.D. Program Placement: PERI Ph.D. Fellow at Middle Tennessee State University

Undergraduate Theses - Chair

Tuan Nguyen (University Honors College, MTSU, Spring 2021, in progress). 

  • "Infection and Death Disparity of COVID-19 Based on Income Level."

Christopher Cowherd (University Honors College, MTSU, Fall 2019). 

  • “On the Necessary Preconditions for a Just Social Order.”

Samir Qattea (University Honors College, MTSU, Fall 2019). 

Rachel Eccles (University Honors College, MTSU, Summer 2019). 

Undergraduate Theses - Committee Member

Hector Hernandez (University Honors College, MTSU, Fall 2020). 

  • “The Ideal Extent of Social Distancing to Preserve Economic Prosperity when Society is Marginalized”

Nathan Wahl (University Honors College, MTSU, Spring 2020).